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Annotations for InDesign CS3 - CS6
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More Great DTP Tools for InDesign
These plug-ins are also available in conjunction with your purchase.
Page Control for InDesign CS3 - CS6 Multiple page sizes in one InDesign document
Your Price: $82.45 Regular Price: $85.00 You Save: 3.00%

With Page Control, your InDesign documents are no longer limited to a single page size. Inserts and foldouts can be created without kludgy workarounds involving multiple documents, the book palette, or extra imposition work. more info
Cross References for InDesign/InCopy CS3 - CS6 If you use cross-references, you need this plug-in.
Your Price: $134.83 Regular Price: $139.00 You Save: 3.00%

Modular referencing system for InDesign CS3 - CS6. Reference across documents, have your references translate themselves with a single click and always be on the safe side with live updates. more info
Text Count for InDesign / InCopy CS3 - CS6 Overset control and text counting brought to perfection
Your Price: $92.15 Regular Price: $95.00 You Save: 3.00%

Word count you can count on. Adobe InDesign / InCopy plug-in for counting and estimating text and a lot more... more info
Layer Tools for InDesign CS3 - CS6 Use InDesign layers efficiently.
Your Price: $67.90 Regular Price: $70.00 You Save: 3.00%

Layer Tools is a bundle of Layer Groups and Layer Comps plug-ins. Both plug-ins make work with layers in InDesign CS3 - CS6 faster and more efficient.
X-ray for InDesign / InCopy CS&CS2 Transparent palettes in InDesign
Your Price: $26.19 Regular Price: $27.00 You Save: 3.00%

X-ray plug-in allows to set opacity to InDesign panels and tools, to see more of your work. more info
History for InDesign / InCopy CS3 - CS6 Undo not limited by one work session
Your Price: $53.35 Regular Price: $55.00 You Save: 3.00%

DTP Tools History plug-in brings the extra usefull History panel you know from Photoshop to InDesign, with added and improved features. more info
Blatner Tools for InDesign CS3 - CS6 Plug-in suite with helpful features for evey InDesign user.
Your Price: $134.83 Regular Price: $139.00 You Save: 3.00%

Have you ever wanted to: * Automatically convert unstyled text to true paragraph and character styles? * Find which graphic in your InDesign file contains a particular spot color? * Remove the local text formatting from a whole document? * Compare two similar paragraph styles to see how they're different? * Place a script in a menu for easy access? Now You Can! Yes, you can do all this and a lot more with Blatner Tools! more info
URL2Hyperlink for InDesign / InCopy CS3 - CS6 Turn text hyperlinks into URLs automatically and with precision
Your Price: $26.19 Regular Price: $27.00 You Save: 3.00%

This plug-in offers an easy way to make your pdf's more interactive without tedious manual hyperlink creation. more info
Active Tables for InDesign CS3 - CS6 turn your InDesign into a spreadsheet editor
Your Price: $76.63 Regular Price: $79.00 You Save: 3.00%

Active Tables plug-in brings the spreadsheet-like functionality to InDesign CS3 - CS6. It allows to sort tables and create formulas. The $79 / 59EUR price is introductory. After a limited time period the price will be $99 / 79EUR more info

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