A Fighting Heritage — $5.99

The first in a series of seven books telling the story of the country of Berant and its ruling house. This series will appeal to readers who love thrills, excitement and action in a military setting.

  A Happy Death — $5.99

Mike, the perfectly healthy first-person narrator of A Happy Death, a comic novel, wants to die. Thanks to modern medicine and diet control and a life spent safely sitting down, he will likely live to the ripe eighties or beyond to the overripe nineties, but he¿d be happy to end before then. more info

  A Murder of Crows — $5.99

The bloated body of a local winemaker is discovered in a vineyard a few miles outside Carlton, Oregon¿s premier grape growing region. Private eye Cade Blackstone seems to be drawn to the murder investigation, although the police aren¿t too pleased with his involvement. Nor is his client, who has hired him to find her missing granddaughter. more info

  Ace — $5.99

Ralph Bland¿s fourth novel, ACE, follows the flights, fancies, and comic pratfalls of John (Ace) Hardaway as he navigates eight months of life in 2005 Nashville, Tennessee. Ace, former pitching phenom and athlete extraordinaire, is now 55 years old and attempting to weather the midlife crisis threatening to envelop him... more info

  Adventures In Being — $5.99

A collection of tales with a common theme - a sense of awe and wonder at the simple things of life. more info

  Aloe Vera — $5.99

Aloe Vera has been known throughout history as a magical plant. Read about its many special properties and its power to heal, and follow the practical suggestions in this book to achieve a healthier life.

  Amateur at Heart — $5.99

In this bittersweet tale of youth, lust, and life, Sonny Dennison catches the allure of Lela, a neighborhood temptress. Under the guidance of his cynical friend, Sonny prepares for the loss of his virginity. Following an hilarious attempt at a first sexual encounter, Sonny and Lela have a brief affair, until she rejects him for an old friend... more info

  Benumb'd ebook — $5.99

An entertaining and evocative book of poetry and illustrations form leading Indian poet Sumanta Sanyal.

  Branford Falls — $5.99

Small New Hampshire towns each have their own personality. Branford Falls is no exception.  Our Main Street is that of an idyllic, magnificent village. Scraping the surface a bit exposes the variety of personalities and problems found in every small town. However, during one particular Christmas season fifteen years ago something horrible and impossible scraped back. Hard to believe then. Harder to believe now. more info

  Bryony Briggs and the Telescope — $5.99

When Bryony Briggs peers into her new telescope she is shocked by what she sees. The young girl can’t wait to discover how her telescope works and why her Great Aunt has sent it to her. While Bryony is looking through the telescope, someone is looking at her: wondering what she is doing, thinking about various events from her past and hoping to find answers to some difficult questions. more info

  Clan Amir Seven Book Series — $30.00

The exciting Clan Amir series of seven books combined in a bundle.

  Dead Times Two — $5.99

A stable and long profitable New England company finds itself struggling for its life. The combination of a lean economy and the disappearance of their CEO in the New Hampshire White Mountains, pushes the company into uncharted waters. A board meeting is called to select a new CEO, but before the vote can be cast, the missing President returns with a wild tale of a mysterious murder attempt.... But before the murder attempt can be investigated...the President is murdered! more info

  Dream Codes — $5.99

Unlock the meaning of your dreams!

  Ed's New Life — $5.99

A highly erotic tale of one man's sexual journey to a new life. A former secret service agent, he has always had to keep his distance - never engaging in a full relationship. But his life changes, and we follow him as he gathers a "family" of sex slaves around him, and experiences full, physical and loving relationships for the first time.

  Encore! ebook — $5.99

Fanny Fanshaw had one dream, one ambition. She was to become a world-famous actress. Nothing or no-one was going to stop her from fulfilling her one desire in life. She was determined. Her name would be up there in lights and emblazed upon the silver screen ¿ ¿Starring Fanella Fanshaw¿!

  Eternal Blood — $5.99

A gripping tale of vampires and vengeance, blood and lust, and a gathering of the vampire clans that threatens the very future of the human race.

  Everyday Chinese Idioms & Popular Sayings — $5.99

An outstanding collection of over 2000 everyday phrases and idioms essential for anyone interested in learning Chinese.

  Falcon Chick — $5.99

Book Two in the Clan Amir series. Falcon Chick (Book Two) contains twelve stories about the exceptional Gordon 'Gerry' Mannheim, depicting aspects of his character and the events that caused him to grow up fast and become an adult, in the full meaning of the word, by his tenth birthday.

  Falcon Fledgling — $5.99

Falcon Fledgling (Book Three) follows the growth and development of Gordon 'Gerry' Mannheim. These seventeen short stories document key points of his life from 10 years of age until 16 years of age; as he continues to mature after joining the Royal Guards.

  Fear, Love & Insulin — $5.99

An entertaining and enthralling collection of short stories and poems from one of the leading new, young, Ukrainian writers. With his unusual take on contemporary life, Sergey Voyat will amuse you and make you think.

  God Does Not Eat Meat — $5.99

Set in a future world where animals are not part of the food chain, this book challenges everything we think about animals.

  God Made the Animals — $5.99

Brutus is not your ordinary lab monkey. After thousands of human neural stem cells are inserted into his cranium while he is in utero, he is born smart, smart as a human. Actually smarter, since his mental maturation proceeds at an extraordinary pace, so much so that at two he is writing a memoir. God Made the Animals, a humorous sci-fi novel of 53,000 words, is that memoir.

  Grandmaster — $5.99

Set on an American campus in the 1970s, this is the story of a martial arts master who has to confront a giant, crazed maniac. This book is written by a martial arts expert and combines graphic violence and deeper, quieter philosophic passages.

  Heaven Help Us! — $5.99

A rags to riches tale...exciting, entertaining, and different!

  Hell On The Heart — $5.99

A short story about a violent divorce and the traumatic effects on a child caught in the middle.

  Hellhound — $5.99

"Once a Marine, always a Marine" is the code he lives by...but the authorities want to re-write his life story...

  I Won't Shoot If You Don't — $5.99

In a world where religious differences seem to be polarizing people, this is a well-argued plea for tolerance and understanding. Read this - and let it change your life!

  Kim-Power Play — $5.99

Kim is a teenage boy with a reputation of being an unstoppable force that always gets things done, but he is badly injured in an incident at school, an accident that should never have happened. While he recovers from injuries that should have been fatal, he lives 'in interesting times,' as he sets out to prove the doctors wrong. He's determined he'll walk again; if his powerful enemies let him live that long.

  Laura's Wrath — $5.99

Laura's Wrath begins in July 1865 with a Union trial and execution of Laura McBride's husband, Robert. He has been accused of passing information to the Confederates and is sentenced to hang. Father Timothy O'Brien knows who the real traitor is, but is bound by Canon Law of Confession not to divulge his name even though an innocent man will die. As Robert is hanged, Laura's baby dies and she calls on Satan to grant her revenge... more info

  Low Sugar Diet poetry — $5.99

A collection of 43 poems from internationally acclaimed writer Sumanta Sanyal. more info

  Mallory's Misfortune — $5.99

On the first Saturday of each month, a Ceremony was held in the City Centre, where all of the newborn infants were introduced to the community and presented with a unique gift. These young children didn’t receive a neatly wrapped parcel containing booties, bonnets or blankets because the Giftwheel had been especially programmed to give an incredible talent to each new baby in the district. more info

  Master, Apprentice — $5.99

Captain Mikail Tane's mission in life was to stamp out evil or die trying. He has a war to fight, a king to serve, and a people to protect. He also has a notorious assassin on his trail. And the last thing he suspected was for Retribution to walk into his camp.

  Maxwell Williams — $5.99

Alien abductions, ferocious battles, time travelling and saving the universe are all in a day's work for Space Commander Max Williams of the Space Marines of United Earth. Unfortunately for fourteen year old Maxwell Williams, the Space Commander is just a figment of his imagination. Unfortunate, because he has just been abducted by aliens who are depending on his Space Commander skills to help them overcome the Flesh Eating monsters who are munching their way across the universe.

  Mischievous Mikey Says No To Drugs — $5.99

Mischievous Mikey books are an on-going series communicating positive values to young people and their parents. "Mischievous Mikey Says No To Drugs" is the fifth story in the Mischievous Mikey series. The book shows the strength Mikey has to be his own person and the courage to say no to the temptations of using drugs.

  Moods & Other Contemplations ebook — $5.99

A selection of beautiful and skilfully crafted poems from a very talented writer.

  New Computing World — $5.99

A wickedly biting satire on the power struggle between a global computer giant (Little Electronic Technologies) and the man in the street. This is a clever and thought-provoking work and a must read!

  No Evil Angel But Love — $5.99

An exciting, exhilarating, enthralling and ultimately destructive journey into obsessive love. more info

  Out Of Reach — $5.99

This moving romance story deals with some of the day to day events that occur in the lives of high school students. A shy and reclusive fifteen year old genius moves house with his family when his father gets a promotion. He moves from a small country town to a city. In circumstances that are unusual for him, he meets a girl who becomes the great love of his life and he wants nothing but to grow old with her... more info

  Realm of the Bear — $5.99

An epic re-telling of the timeless tales of King Arthur and his Knights. The prose style is natural and enchanting, the story is earthy, mystical and sexy. The characters of Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot and Morgan Le Fay live again!

  Replacement Parts — $5.99

An exciting crime thriller set in the world of transplant surgery, where people will pay almost anything for a "replacement part."

  Rimwood Tales — $5.99

Rimwood Tales is a kind of autobiography. It started out as a record of my life, written for my grandchildren, but I soon realized other people might be interested in my experiences during World War II and my life afterwards, especially emigrating to Canada in 1951. It isn¿t easy to go to another country if you don¿t know the language. However I was young and everything came together, I found a wife, raised a family and we have six lovely grandchildren.

  Roslyn Research Yields Templar Secrets — $5.99

While undertaking research into possible alien visitations at the site of the Roslyn Chapel, the investigator uncovers sensational secrets that have been hidden for centuries.

  Sacred Ruby of Quetzalcoatl — $5.99

An exciting adventure story set in the steamy jungles of Yucatan, where, in the ruins of the Twin Temples of The Sun, the largest ruby in the world is awaiting discovery - the sacred ruby of the god Quetzalcoatl.

  Shadows In Plato's Cave — $5.99

A fascinating compilation of quotations and "words of wisdom" collected and collated by Professor Fullen over many years. These are inspirational, thought-provoking and potentially life-changing words.

  Signs Magazine Annual Subscription — $40.00

Annual subscription for the Signs Magazine. more info

  Signs Magazine monthly subscription — $4.99

Magazine exploring the interpretation of dreams and all things paranormal and strange. more info

  Something's Wrong — $5.99

The tale presents itself as the transcript of 18 double-sided tapes, all of which have been recorded by a 50+ paranoid schizophrenic. The making of these tapes began as his attempt ¿ an aide memoir and thus a means of bringing some order to his fragmented thoughts ¿ to discover the 'something wrong' that he feels is hiding away somewhere within his mind. more info

  Stand In Time ebook — $5.99

A man is moving to the USA with his family, but at the last minute his work won't release him from his contract early as previously agreed. So a cousin who's also a close friend stands in to fill his role as father in helping the rest of the family move on the organised date. But something goes wrong when they get to the USA and the man is kidnapped by a group set on world domination. more info

  Still Out of Reach — $5.99

The romance continues with some of the events in Melissa's life after Ernie's death. His spirit lives on, in her and the members of The Cable Company. The strength of his spirit and their love gives many the moral strength to stand up and do what's right in hard situations. more info

  Stone Island — $5.99

A great adventure story for children, set on a remote isalnd off the west coast of Ireland. A strange storm, weird lightning, a family of thieves and smugglers disappears...what lies beneath the "Devil's Saw"? and who, or what is the Guardian?

  The 30,000 Days — $5.99

An intriguing novel that takes the reader from New York in the 1960s to the war-torn Middle East in the 1990s. It is part "coming of age" saga, part military history, part science fiction, involving the development of a secret super-computer defence system...

  The Canduit Project — $5.99

The Canduit Project took shape because of my concern about near earth orbit meteorites and the lack of a definite plan to deflect them. As far as I am concerned the time to start is now, before we get clobbered like the dinosaurs. However, trying to prevent the destruction of the human race is not as sexy as war making.

  The CIA Exposed -The TARP Cover-up — $5.99

What happens when a group of techno nerds develop new technology and refuse to share it with the CIA? A disaster and a cover up is what happens. An out of work consultant is contacted by an old school friend, who leaves him a collection of email messages, phone tapes and diary entries for safe keeping. After years of secrecy, his friend wants to bring things out into the open; he wants him to piece together the messages and emails, and write this most amazing story. more info

  The Clan Amir Series — $30.00

The popular Clan Amir series from Ernest Edwards. All 7 books of the Clan Amir Series are now available as pdf ebooks in a zip folder

  The Created Couple — $5.99

"The Created Couple" concerns the Manikin family, a group of seven robots, or AI units, created somewhat on the cheap by computer scientist extraordinaire Bessie Manikin. After a series of mishaps, the main character, Kendall Manikin joins forces with his recently upgraded sister Nancy, a Christian unit, for a high-tech religious adventure.... more info

  The Day of Blood — $5.99

The Day of Blood (Book Four) is the story of foreign businessmen determined to take control of Berant, have organised a major invasion by forces under their direct control. Some mercenaries, most regular troops 'borrowed' for the invasion; they expect a very easy win with their superior troops. The invaders have thought of everything, or have they?

  The Falcon in Flight — $5.99

The Falcon in Flight is Book Five and an exciting addition to the popular "Clan Amir" series.

  The First Cut is the Deepest — $5.99

This is not a love story, this is a story of love; a story of a love so intense and so poisonous, you can feel the hurt in every line, feel the pain on every page.

  The Last Mission — $5.99

A rescue mission into Colombia, a battle against a violent drug cartel...this book has it all.

  The Last Temple of Apollo — $5.99

A fascinating fantasy tale in which the myths of Ancient Greece touch base with the modern world. It is a dark and powerful exploration of the ageless struggle of Good versus Evil. more info

  The Players — $5.99

A lively and comic-tragic love story set against the background of amateur dramatics. The characters are beautifully portrayed, the situations skilfully drawn. This is a real treat to read!

  The Shakespeare Schemes — $5.99

Telling the tale of the subterfuge and plots involved in the publication of the greatest plays ever written - this ebook is firmly based in historical fact and features many of the most eminent figures of the Elizabethan age. The story involves the recruiting of William Shakspere from Stratford upon Avon to front the publication of the plays, and covers events up to the supposed death of Christopher Marlowe and the publication of the first book to bear the name William Shakespeare.

  The Shortening of the Days — $5.99

A selection of gritty poems from Scottish poet and lyricist James M. Hazard. more info

  The Shukra War — $5.99

The Shukra War (Book Five of the Clan Amir series) The country next to Berant has a rebellion funded by the same businessmen who've been attacking Berant for over half a century. Berant offers to help, and gives all it can....

  The Spiral Stone — $5.99

A tragic, romantic novel of love and loss, of trying to make a new start, despite the pull of the past. more info

  The Triplex on Pine Street — $5.99

An intriguing tale of the complex lives of the tenants of the triplex on Pine Street.

  The U MAMA War — $5.99

The U MAMA War (Book Seven of the Clan Amir series) Years after the end of the war, Gordon 'Gerry' Mannheim writes a summary of the war against power hungry businessmen.

  The Untold Story — $5.99

In this fascinating ebook Ray Murray draws upon his extensive knowledge of the Bible to offer a comprehensive account of the numerous UFO sightings throughout history.

  Through The Mirror Go Round — $5.99

A fully illustrated factual account of the murder of John Lennon. more info

  Triduum at the Novitiate — $5.99

Set amidst the sheltered world of a religious retreat, this is a story of spiritual purity versus physical brutality, a tale of an inner sanctuary violated by an apparently random act of violence.

  Two Spirits Dancing — $5.99

The murder of John Lennon explored and explained. more info

  Two Suns in the Sunset — $5.99

A young boy - from a rundown council estate; where unemployment, violence, drug and alcohol abuse are just the tip of the iceberg. An old man - a published author, who has made a very middle class life for himself and his wife. The river - it flows a long the bottom of the old man's land, providing a source of wonder, of escape and tranquillity for both man and boy. Two worlds collide.

  Under November Skies — $5.99

Brandon Willow returns to the insular and remote village that he escaped from twelve years ago, for his brother's funeral. There he finds himself confronting the ghosts of his suppressed past and caught up in a series of violent events that will change his, and others' lives forever. more info

  Understanding Cancer — $5.99

We all know someone touched by cancer. We all live in fear of cancer. But how many of us really understand what cancer is? This ebook gives you the information that helps you understand cancer.

  Wisdom of the Dao De Jing — $5.99

The Dao De Jing is perhaps the most insightful perspective on Chinese philosophy ever written and is at least as relevant now, and possibly more so, than when it was written over 2,500 years ago. more info

  Zombie ebook — $5.99

A fascinating and thought-provoking tale of modern-day warfare and age old horror.


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